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Frequently Asked Questions

(Possibly redefining the word "frequently.")

Player Questions

How to Play

How much does it cost? 

     It's free to play! Trivia experts agree that food and drink at your table makes you think more clearly though, so order something and tip your server.

How do you play?

     Detailed instructions can be found here, but the basics are this: the host asks questions, you answer them. There are a total of 16 questions per game, and there are two separate games every night.

What do I win?

     Our venues are encouraged to have at least $70 in prize winnings per night. How your team splits your winnings is up to you, but we recommend making sure the cleverest person gets enough to buy an extra drink. The best way to find out what your favorite venue is giving away is to show up!

How often can I play? How often can I win?

     Play as often as you like, win as often as you can! There are no restrictions on how much you exercise your clever.

How smart do I have to be?

     You don't have to be a MENSA member, and if you don't know what MENSA is, that's okay, too! Clever Clogs trivia questions cover a broad range of categories. From celebrities to state mottoes, and pop culture to world leaders, every night has something for everyone to answer or to learn.

Can I use my phone?

     Use your brain, not your phone. Digital devices are not allowed to look up answers.

How long is the game?

     Clever Clogs Trivia offers two games per night, each taking about an hour.

Is it me against everyone else? Are there teams? How many to a team?

     You can play solo, or up to 8 per team.

Can I bring kids?

     Clever Clogs trivia questions are written in a family-friendly format and have family-friendly content. Each venue is unique in their offerings, so contact them for more details on how they suit your needs.

What if I'm late?

     No worries! You can join at any time, and since we provide two games a night, you have more chances to win.

What if I get a perfect score?

     A perfect score is 100. If you get a perfect score of 100 points, we recommend excessive shouting, high-fives, and posting it on your social media pages. It's a big deal. So big, in fact, that your team will be immortalized in our Hall of Brain! We will also give you a shout-out on our social media pages, and send you some sweet Clever Clogs Trivia swag.

Is there any way to study for it? Are there hints?

     There is no way to cram for trivia night. We recommend listening to the details of the questions because there is often more than one way to discover the answer. We also post one hint per night on our social media pages. Follow us for more details.

Do you have a trivia league?

     Clever Clogs Trivia does not currently offer league play. However, it is the plan of the future to have a league that provides extra prizes and games for those interested. If you'd like to be notified when league play begins, contact us and let us know.

Do I need to bring anything to play?

     Bring your brain, bring your friends. We'll provide the rest.

Is there only one winner?

     Most venues offer first- and second-place prizes for each game, for a total of four prizes per night. Additionally, some venues may opt to give a small prize to the team with the worst answer or the last place team. Check with your local venue for complete details.

Do you have swag?

     Yes! Because we know you want to flaunt that you are a clever clogs, we do offer T-shirts and other stuff to show off. Teams that achieve a perfect score receive a swag bag for free, and other items are available for purchase. Contact us for more info.

How do I know if a show is cancelled?

     We post notifications on our social media pages and here on our website. Follow us for up to date information, or contact the venue directly.

Why aren't you at my favorite restaurant?

     We need to know where you are! Please, if you have a favorite bar, pub, or restaurant and would like to see a trivia night there, contact us and let us know where you want to be.

How do I become a host?

     Clever Clogs does not employ hosts. It's on the venue to find a host that fits their style and schedule. However, we are happy to have you as a reference if you would like us to pass your name along to venues who are looking for a host. Contact us and let us know a little bit about yourself and where you are able to host.

perfect score
Social Media

Social Media Questions

Do you have hints?

     There is one hint given per night, and it's found on our social media pages. Follow us for more details.

Where can I follow you?

     Clever Clogs Trivia can be found on Facebook, and @beacleverclogs on Twitter and Instagram. Click here for more.

How often do you post?

     We post game hints, links to current podcasts, and random knowledge-builders. We try not to overload you with too much every week.

How do I find your latest podcast?

     Follow us on social media, or click here to go directly to our podcast page. 

Venue Questions

Venue Questions

What is Clever Clogs? How does it work?

     Clever Clogs Trivia is a great way to bring weekly entertainment into your venue on nights when you may be struggling to get people in the door. Our content is written by a team of educated trivia brains who love what they do. The questions are entertaining, accurate, and informative, which makes it fun both for those who know all the answers and for those who don't. Trivia night customers are looking for a way to take a break in the middle of the week, relax, and enjoy stretching their knowledge.

    Clever Clogs Trivia is great for venues because it's more affordable than most live trivia companies and can reach you wherever you are. Most live trivia companies are limited to where they have hired a host, and even more limited by what nights their host is available. Clever Clogs Trivia is different. You provide the host. We provide all of the game content, materials, training, tools, signage, and support to make your trivia night successful and lucrative, week after week.

How many people will it bring in?

     The actual number of new customers will vary from venue to venue. Some venues see an influx of over twenty tables full of hungry and thirsty nerds, ready to eat, drink, and play. With the right host and our promotional support, you should be seeing repeat customers and new regulars on your formerly dead nights.

Does Clever Clogs provide my host?

     In order to keep our prices low and provide service to all areas, Clever Clogs does not provide your host. However, we offer all of the training, tools, and materials necessary to ensure that your host will succeed.

How much does it cost?

     Clever Clogs Trivia has an introductory, 8-week trivia night package that provides signage and materials to start promoting your new event night in advance for only $199. After the introductory package, keep the signage for continued use and your subscription to our monthly service costs only $70/week. You'll continue to receive fresh trivia content week after week, as well as all the answer sheets you need to keep your players happy and coming back. Our low-cost option allows you to offer larger prizes, a greater incentive to get people in the door, or just keep that money in your pocket. Additional purchase options are available if you want to pay 6 months in advance, or pay for a full year.

What do I need to have trivia night?

    Only three things are needed for Clever Clogs Trivia nights: a host, a mic, and prizes.

    The Host:  Our game scripts, training videos, and support make it easy to host a successful trivia night.

    The Mic:  Using your own sound system is enough for Clever Clogs Trivia. If you don't have a sound system, a small, portable karaoke system is enough. We don't recommend going mic-free, no matter how loud of a voice your host may have. If nerds can't hear questions, they get grouchy.

    The Prizes:  Because a night of Clever Clogs Trivia consists of two separate games, we recommend $25 for each first place winner and $10 for each second place winner. (Multiplying that by two games, you're looking at $70 in prizes each week).  It's up to you if you want to give more or less, and we also leave it to your discretion whether to provide those prizes in the form of gift cards/certificates, cash, or reducing the winning team's tab for the night.

How many people does it take to run?

     You'll need a host. That's all. (And, of course, enough servers to keep your new customers happy.)

Where do I get my host?

     Often, our venues don't have to look much farther than their own staff to provide their trivia night with an entertaining M.C. As a venue owner, you've already found staff members who fit your style and your venue atmosphere. Looking within your own staff is a great place to start. An eager, outgoing server makes a great trivia host. You can also find great, willing talent at open mic nights, karaoke nights, and asking around. Many people within your own community are looking for a place to get a little extra mic time, and trivia night is a perfect place to start. Clever Clogs also keeps a list of contacts who have reached out to us to become a host. Contact us for more information. 

How often do I have to do it?

     Trivia night promotions are best done on a consistent, weekly basis. Decide on a night that you need to see an increase in business, and set a time. Your venue will be permanently listed on our website and featured periodically on our promotional page and social media.

What support do you give?

     Your initial launch package includes player scoresheets, table tents, 8 1/2" X 11" promotional fliers, and a PDF file from which you can print off as many additional fliers as you need. Your venue will be featured on our website and always listed on our Locations page. During your launch period and beyond, your subscription to Clever Clogs Trivia allows you and your host access to fun training videos, an automated scoring spreadsheet, online support, and a customer service hotline. We will also replenish your supply of scoresheets as necessary and, of course, provide you a quality, compelling trivia game script every week.

What prizes should I award?

     Successful venues typically offer a gift card/bar tab in the amount of $25 for first place and $10 for second place. Since a night of Clever Clogs Trivia features two games, this adds up to $70/week worth of store credit. However, it is left up to your discretion to award whatever prizes work for you.

Do you provide content for special events?

     Absolutely! Contact us for more information.


I already have Clever Clogs Trivia.

How do I pay for my subscription?

     Square handles all of our payment processing services. You will receive invoices at the email address we have on file for your venue, and you can sign up to have your weekly subscription fee automatically charged to your debit or credit card.

Did you say "Login"? Where do I get my Login and username?

     If you still need to register, click here to start the process.

I don't remember my login information. Can you help?

     Contact us. We can get it all sorted out. Provide as much information as possible on the contact form and we will get back to you super-fast.

I need my script... FAST! Help!

     Clever Clogs Trivia Venue Support has all you need at your fingertips. Click here to login and access your account.

Host Support

Host Questions

I'm a host. What do I need?

    Before your first trivia night, you need to get on over to our host training pages. There you'll find videos and instruction on how to pull off trivia night without a hitch. For game night, you’ll need a Clever Clogs Trivia script, answer sheets, pens or pencils, a mic, and a laptop. We strongly recommend using a laptop to access your game script and scoring spreadsheet. If there’s no laptop available, scoring can be done by hand on the printable scoresheet included in your hosting materials and available here. Scoring by hand isn’t impossible, but it’s less convenient, takes longer, and leaves room for human error.

What about tips?

     We don't recommend players tipping the host directly, as it sort of looks like a bribe. However, some venues may arrange for hosts to get a cut of the tips for the night. That's between you and your venue. 

Can I promote the food?

     YES! Promote the food! Promote the specials! Promote the drinks! Clever Clogs Trivia is a great game that brings people together to have fun, but it's really there to help the venue increase sales on dead nights. Definitely remind your guests to eat up and enjoy while they play.

Can I play hints in the songs? 

     We ask that you don't intentionally play hints through the choice of songs on your setlist. 

Where do I get my Login and username?

     If you still need to register, click here to start the process.

I don't remember my login information. Can you help?

     Contact us. We can get it all sorted out. Make sure we know the required information on the contact us form and we will get to you super fast.

I need my script... FAST! Help!

     Clever Clogs Trivia Venue Support has all you need at your fingertips. Click here to login and access your account.

uh ohs

Uh oh...

What if there's a wrong answer?

     Our team of super nerdy experts work hard to make sure there is only one answer to each question. In the event of a dispute, find information that supports your challenge (yes, it's ok to use your phone for this), talk to your host and we can sort it out.

What if my gift card doesn't work?

     With the exception of perfect score swag, Clever Clogs Trivia has no connection with the prizes awarded. If there's a problem redeeming your winnings, speak with a manager at the venue.

What if I saw a team cheating?

     Cheating is so not clever. If you see a team cheating, please tell the host. The host will penalize the cheatery cheaters, giving them zero points for that round and shaming them on the mic. Servers are also on the lookout, so if you're thinking about using your phone to look up an answer, please don't.

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