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Here's how to play

This isn't like playing True American or Skiddley Whiffers. The rules are simple and easy.

Clever Clogs Trivia consists of five rounds:

  • Round One (30 points) – Five questions, asked one at a time. Each team assigns a point value to each question (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 points) based on their level of confidence in their answer. Each point value may be used only once in the round.

  • Connect 4 (10 points) – Four questions, asked all at once. The answers all share a common connection. You receive 2 points for each correct answer and an additional 2 points for figuring out the connection.

  • Round Two (30 points) – Just like Round One.

  • Get A Clue (10 points) – Five clues are given, one at a time, about a well-known person, place, or thing. Each team may submit only one guess during the round. A correct guess after the first clue is worth 10 points. Each successive clue lowers the value of a correct guess by 2 points (to 8, 6, 4, and 2 points, respectively). An incorrect guess at any point in the round is worth 0 points.

  • The Question of Significant Importance (QSI) (20 points) – One final question, which may require multiple answers. This is the only time in the game where teams can lose points. After the team standings and QSI category are revealed, each team wagers 0-20 points. The QSI is then revealed. Teams that answer the QSI correctly win their respective wagers. Teams that answer the QSI incorrectly (or fail to submit an answer) lose their wagers.

  • Tiebreaker (if necessary) – In the event of a tie, the host will ask a tiebreaker question, the answer to which will be a number. The team that gets closest to the correct answer wins. Any ties on tiebreaker questions will be settled by rock-paper-scissors.


Any team that manages to achieve a perfect score of 100 points will win some sweet Clever Clogs Trivia swag and will be immortalized in the Clever Clogs Hall of Brain.

Ever wonder what kind of amazing it takes to get 100? Visit the Hall of Brain to see.

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