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Team up with Clever Clogs

Our game, your host.

It's that simple.

You provide the host and the prizes, and we take care of the rest. We provide everything you need to have a successful trivia night: fresh weekly content, answer sheets for your teams, host training and tools, advertising materials, website and social media marketing, and even a mic and amp if you need it. All at a fraction of what our competitors charge!

Why clever clogs trivia?

Clever Clogs Trivia brings hungry, thirsty nerds into your venue, turning your deadest nights into profitable ones, week after week. Our team trivia nights also increase awareness of your venue, which builds a new loyal customer base.

Other team trivia companies charge you for their host and equipment, and some even charge a base price PLUS an additional charge for each player who attends. You are also at the mercy of when they have a host available.


Clever Clogs Trivia is different. You provide your own host, giving you the flexibility to pick the night and time that works best for you. We provide a compelling game with quality content, as well as all of the training, tools, and materials your host needs to ensure a successful trivia night. Best of all, we do this at a fraction of the cost of other trivia companies.


The introductory, 8-week launch package includes:


  • Weekly game content for eight weeks

  • Mic & amp (if needed)

  • Promotional table tents

  • 8 ½” x 11” door posters

  • Perforated answer sheets

  • Fun host training videos

  • Easy-to-use host scoring spreadsheet

  • Online, phone, and text host support

  • Website and social media marketing

At the end of the 8-week introductory package, your subscription will continue to bring you game content, additional team scoring sheets, and continued host support for only $70 a week.

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